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Mill SubDragon Animation Set

This video was created in Blender using the SubDragon character and many of the animations sold in this set. Of course, some animations have been adjusted for this video and blended together.


Animations Updated 5/5/2013!!!!

Now with Aniblocks, and Poser files! Complete rework of some wing movements.

This is the MAX set of animation and pose presets for the Millennium SubDragon in DazStudio and Poser. This pack was created to allow you to animate the Dragon quickly and easily. Most, if not all, of the movements you would need to animate a dragon like walking, running, flying, breathing fire, swimming, eating, biting, landing, and taking off are included. 


In both DazStudio and Poser, you will need to loosen or turn off the up down limits on the right and left WingShldr bone for the flying animations to look as intended. 

140 Total DazStudio Presets with 17 AniBlocks

86 Total Poser files 

17 full body DazStudio animations .duf (includes 7 flying, walking and running animations)

16 full body Poser animations .pz2

56 full body DazStudio poses .duf

70 Poser poses .pz2

10 expressions in both Daz .duf and Poser .fc2

4 feet poses

6 hand poses in both Daz .duf and Poser .hd2

17 tail poses in both Daz .duf and Poser .pz2

22 wing poses in both Daz .duf and Poser .pz2




Many of the animations in the set can be seen in this video, but there are far more than are shown here.


Dragons the animations will fit:

Millennium SubDragon

Millennium SubDragon LE

and the Dragon that comes with DazStudio.


All animations, presets, morphs, models, programs or files are available for personal and commercial use upon purchase. You may not redistribute any of products sold on this site. Medhue Animations retains all redistributive copyrights. The purchaser may distribute freely any images, games or videos created using any of the products from this site. The purchaser may install the products or services on any device they are personally using.


Some of the poses and animations in this product might need you to turn joint limits off. Here is a video tutorial to do that.


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