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Medhue Weighted Bodysuits for Avastar

Included in this package is a Blend file which has 4 mesh weighted bodysuits, and 2 mesh skirts, generated from the default Secondlife avatar, with a higher poly count for better weight transfers to your clothing items. 2 bodysuits(male & female) are weighted for classic rigging, and the other 2 are weighted for Fitted Mesh rigging. This product works best when used with the Avastar add on, for Blender.

The propose of these suits is to make it easier for you to rig your Secondlife clothing items. This is not meant to be a final solution, or a few button clicks and you're done. It is meant to help you get better weights on your clothing. For Fitted Mesh clothing, I would suggest making other versions of these suits to cater to different size avatars. In general, the fitted mesh weights were designed to fit the largest range of avatar sizes a person can be in Secondlife. That said, it will not do very well with extremely sized avatars. This is where you will need to customize your own weights, possibly by copying these bodysuits and adjusting weights, to fit the target avatars you are looking to fit for.

 A number of people have asked if they can pay for this in lindens. I figured out that I can send free orders out manually, so if you pay Medhue Simoni 500 lindens inside of SL, and leave me your name and email address in IM, I will send the download links to your email address.

We are offering a service to rig Secondlife creator's clothing and avatars for them. Click HERE for more info.

Update 11/29/2014 version 2 = Now includes a Male wetsuit with classic and fitted mesh weights!

Updated 1/9/2015 version 3 = Now includes mesh skirts with both classic weights and fitted mesh weights.

Updated 2/23/2015 Bodysuits v1 = All the meshes have been changed to make transfering all the weights easier.


 Included in this package:

1 Blend file (with 6 full body weighted meshes for male, female, and female dresses)

1 Folder with Standard Size xml files for both male and female


Open the blend file, then select the 1st layer and add in your avastar figure. The classic weighted wetsuit is on layer 2, and the fitted mesh weighted wetsuit is on layer 3. You will need to attach the wetsuits to your avastar armature using Avastar's features. Be sure to keep the weights of the wetsuits, instead of getting weights from meshes. I will have a video on my Youtube channel to demonstrate this. Just search Youtube for Medhue Weighted Wetsuits.



Here are some video tutorials on how to create your own wetsuit, classic weights, and fitted mesh weights.




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