Medhue Animations

Medhue Cobra for Unity3D

Included in this package are the Medhue Cobra rigged model, 16 Blend shapes, 22 skeletal animations, and some cobra prefabs for the Unity3D game engine. The cobra could be used as the player character, or with Non player characters. It includes all the animations you could need for a cobra.


In Package:

MedhueCobra.fbx (default model with animations)
Cobra no hood (model with hood deflated)
Cobra (regular cobra model)
Cobra Diffuse texture
Cobra Normal map texture
2 Unity Materials
22 skeletal animations
16 Blend shapes
5 Animated Morphs(Blend shapes)
Cobra AI prefab
Cobra Player prefab
Cobra Stationary prefab
4 Unity Animation Controllers

Model specifications:

5504 Triangle

2764 Vertices

42 Skeletal Bones

1 Diffuse texture (1024x1024)

1 Normal Map texture (1024x1024

This model comes with 2 versions of blend shapes and animations to inflate the cobra's neck, like a real cobra does. You can use these for more realism, or you can just use the cobra blend shape to keep the cobra's neck inflated.

Medhue Snake Unity Demo

This product is supplied in a Unitypackage, meaning you can import it directly into Unity.


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