Medhue Animations

We are now offering a service to have your Secondlife clothing or Avatars rigged and weighted to the Secondlife Skeleton. We offer a number of packages.

Payment for these services can be handled in a number of ways, whether a paypal invoice, special product page to pay through shopify, or paying the equivalent amount of lindens inside of Secondlife.

Here are general prices and some prices will be higher or lower depending on Topology and total polygons. Avatars will generally be more. Each price set only comes in female or male, not both. Agreed prices must be paid before the final weighted avatar is delivered. Only Humanoid avatars will be accepted at this time, using the standard humanoid rig for females and males.

Classic weights default size = $30/Clothing  $75+/Avatar

5 Standard sizes = $65 (you must supply all 5 sizes)

Fitted Mesh = $50/clothing  $110+/Avatars

5 Standard sizes + Fitted Mesh = $80 (you must supply all 5 sizes + default size)

Custom Shape w/Classic Weights = $35/Clothing

Custom Shape w/Fitted Weights = $70/Clothing

Summit your request with images of the wireframe of your mesh. Images can be emailed separately if you don't have links.