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Medhue Bento Hand Pose Library

Blend file which has 18 hand poses created for the Second Life Bento avatar, included within a Blender Poselib. This is intended to help other creators quickly pose their bento hands in their own animations.

 A number of people have asked if they can pay for this in lindens. I figured out that I can send orders out manually, so if you pay Medhue Simoni 750 lindens inside of SL, and leave me your name and email address in IM, I will send the download links to your email address.

Set up a blend file in Blender containing the Bento Second Life skeleton. Then File/Append the Medhue Hand Poselib from the Medhue Bento Hand Poselib blend file. Then select your rig in Blender and go to your Properties window, select the Object Data option in the top options, then go to the Pose Library and choose the Medhue Hand Poselib from the dropdown options. Search Medhue Hand Poselib on Youtube for a detailed video on this process.


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