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Medhue Unity3D Zombie Animation

Included in this package are zombie animations for the Unity3D game engine. The animation works with Unity's Mecanim system. The package includes 27 different animations. Most of them were created using a Motion Capture system. You get 8 different standing or idle animations to choose from or cycle through.

Animation list:

Zombie Bite
Zombie Die
Zombie Hitreact
Zombie Prejump
Zombie Jump
Zombie Land
Zombie Run1
Zombie Run2
Zombie Run3
Zombie Run4
Zombie RunTurnL
Zombie RunTurnR
Zombie Stand1
Zombie Stand2
Zombie Stand4
Zombie Stand5
Zombie Stand6
Zombie Stand8
Zombie Stand9
Zombie Stand10
Zombie StrikeL
Zombie StrikeR
Zombie TurnL
Zombie TurnR
Zombie walk1
Zombie walk2
Zombie walk3
Zombie Walk4
Zombie walkturnL
Zombie walkturnR

Even though the animation list shows more runs and walks, some are duplicates of the animations without forward movement, incase you want to use it in that way. There are 3 different walk animations, and 2 different run animations.

This product is supplied in a Unitypackage, meaning you can import it directly into Unity.


Here is a quick video showing all the animations.



All animations, presets, morphs, models, programs or files are available for personal and commercial use, upon purchase. You may not redistribute any of products sold on this site. Medhue Animations retains all redistributive copyrights. The purchaser may distribute freely any images, games or videos created using any of the products from this site. The purchaser may install the products or services on any device they are personally using.


 The characters and figures displayed in these images and videos are not all owned by Medhue Animations, or Medhue Studios. Some are free characters rigged to skeletons that can be animated with Medhue animations. They are used to display the animations on characters and figures that you might be using and can be found on the Unity Asset Store.

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