Medhue Animations

Medhue Genesis Sword Animations

 This is a set of motion capture sword animation and AniBlocks for the Genesis and Genesis 2 figures in DazStudio. This pack was created to allow you to animate sword scenes quickly and easily.


19 Total Animations

19 AniBlocks


5 Idles animations

  • 2hand stand move
  • 2hand stand
  • Crouching
  • Stand1
  • Stand2

6 Strike Animations

  • Right Strike1
  • Left Strike1
  • 2hand Strike
  • 2hand Right Strike
  • 2hand Left Strike
  • Jump Strike

2 sets of Sheathing Animations

  • Sheath
  • Unsheath
  • Sheath Back
  • Unsheath Back

4 Walk/Run Animations

  • Slow Walk
  • Walk1
  • Walk2
  • Run

3 hand grip poses

  • Left tight grip
  • Left loose grip
  • Right grip


Some of the poses and animations in this product might need you to turn joint limits off, or adjust the limits on bone translations.


All the animations and poses can be seen in this video.


All animations, presets, morphs, models, programs or files are available for personal and commercial use upon purchase. You may not redistribute any of products sold on this site. Medhue Animations retains all redistributive copyrights. The purchaser may distribute freely any images, games or videos created using any of the products from this site. The purchaser may install the products or services on any device they are personally using.


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