Medhue Animations

Medhue Combat Animations for Unity3D

Combat Animation Demo

Included in this package are 30 Combat animations for the Unity3D game engine. The animation works with Unity's Mecanim system.

Animation list:
Boxing Idle1
Boxing Idle2
Boxing Idle2
Hit React1
Hit React2
Hit React3
Hit React4
Karate Idle1
Karate Idle2
Kungfu Idle1
Kungfu Idle2
Left Hook
Left Jab
Left Kick1
Left Strike1
Left Strike2
Right Frontkick
Right Hook
Right Kick1
Right Kick2
Right Lowkick
Right Slap
Right Strike1
Right Strike2
Right Uppercut
Spin BackKick
Tornado Kick
Triple Punch

This product is supplied in a Unitypackage, meaning you can import it directly into Unity.


This video show all of the animaitons in the demo.

All animations, presets, morphs, models, programs or files are available for personal and commercial use, upon purchase. You may not redistribute any of products sold on this site. Medhue Animations retains all redistributive copyrights. The purchaser may distribute freely any images, games or videos created using any of the products from this site. The purchaser may install the products or services on any device they are personally using.



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