Medhue Animations

Medhue Genesis Fight Animation Set

 This is a set of Fighting motion capture animation and pose presets for the Genesis and Genesis 2 figures in DazStudio. This pack was created to allow you to animate fight scenes quickly and easily. Most of the normal movements you would need to animate a fight scene are included.


64 Total Presets


17 Animation Presets

(14 motion capture animations)

  • 4 Fight Stand motion capture animations
  • 2 Right Punch motion capture animations
  • 2 Left Punch motion capture animations
  • 1 Upper cut motion capture animations
  • 1 Right Kick animation
  • 1 Right Kick motion capture animations
  • 1 Low Kick motion capture animations
  • 1 Spin Kick animation
  • 2 Knock Out animations
  • 1 Fight Walk motion capture animations

43 Pose Presets

(24 build animation presets) 


4 Fight Hand Presets

(2 sets)


All the animations and poses can be seen in this video.

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