Medhue Animations

Medhue Hair Morphs & Presets

 This is a set of morphs and presets for the all the free Hair that comes in DazStudio. This pack was created to give the Hair more style and versatility.

 22 Hair Morphs (including for windy conditions)

37 Hair Presets/Shapes 


Duke Hair Morphs & Presets:

  • 9 Morphs
  • 15 Presets

Aldora Hair Morphs & Presets:

  •  7 Morphs
  • 14 Presets

WildMane Hair Morphs & Presets:

  • 2 Morphs
  • 5 Presets

SallyMae Hair Morphs & Presets:

  • 4 Morphs
  • 3 Presets



Here is a video showing the morphs:


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