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Medhue Rats for Unity3D

This is a rigged 3D model of a Rat. This model come in a Unity package, which you can import directly into Unity3D. The modeling is Low polygon, and comes with 2 Levels of Detail. The rats also come with 10 animations. Even though this model is very low poly, it is still has highly detailed texturing, and will work perfectly in any game.


Model specs - High  Low
Triangles       -  906  518
Vertices         -  488  275

Image texture maps included:
1024x1024 Disfuse
1024x1024 Bump

Rat Death
Rat Idle1
Rat Idle2
Rat Idle3
Rat Jump
Rat Run
Rat Walk0
Rat Walk1
Rat TurnR
Rat TurnL


Here is a video with the rat and all the animations


This is a video or an early version of the rat.

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