Medhue Animations

This packages comes with the avatar, and an animation hud that handles all his movements. He is only available in the virtual worlds of Secondlife, and InWorldz. The avatar and animations were a 2 month project to model, rig, and animate him completely. Plus, there was the added work of clothing options. His Jaw is rigged and weighted to his skull bone, which allows me to animate it properly.

There was also the matter of giving him fur. This can add alot more processing for computers to render, so I tried to keep the fur to a minimum.

It was truely a labour of love, no matter how many hours I spend weighting and reweighting him. It definitely helps to have fur on him, and really adds to the feel of being a Lycan. I also made some hair options, but I have not released those to the public yet.

Most of the animations work was reworked inside of Blender. I purchased the Avastar plugin for Blender, which makes the process of rigging, weighting, and animating, so much easier. The plugin was made to help with the creation process for Secondlife characters. Being able to retarget my werewolf animations onto this avatar, and animated directly on him, made the whole process a joy. Of course, this character comes with over 100 animations total, so it did take some time.

I got a little help, from October Lewsey at Definitive Urban Designs, on some of the texture work, but most from the original release was done by me. Since Secondlife now allows us to use bump maps and specular maps, I took some extra time to add some detail to his skin, and other features. InWorldz doesn't have bumps and speculars, so you won't see any of that in there.

InWorldz has a system they call Dreamshare, which allows you to view 3D objects on a webpage, and interact, or turn them arounbd and zoom in. It's pretty interesting, but I have seen some texture bugs in them, and it has a low limit on polygons. You can see my Lycan avatar on this webpage, but it doesn't show his fur. Lycan on webpage

Here is a look at some of the animations in Secondlife, and how the AO HUD works.

Come be a Lycan in Secondlife or InWorldz!!!!

Click here to purchase him for Secondlife!

Click here to purchase him for InWorldz!

I hope everyone enjoys him!


Written by Robert Lopp — September 08, 2013



Hey so I saw your lycan transformation video recently and I was wondering if in future videos , would you need a voice actor for any sound effects/dialogue ? I’m just looking to collaborate for fun, and am interested to do some projects !

I don’t have any voice acting videos on my channel yet unfornuately but if you are interested hit me up and maybe we could work something out

December 06 2013 at 02:12 AM


I always need voice work when I do videos like that. I’ll definitely keep you in mind when I do the next 1.

December 06 2013 at 02:12 PM


Sorry, realised I didn’t leave my email
Looking forward to workking with you

December 09 2013 at 06:12 AM

John East:

Hello! I love the look of your werewolf! How much troubles would it be to use it in Poser?

February 05 2021 at 04:02 AM

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