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 This morning, I just updated the Mill SubDragon Animation Set with all new AniBlocks, and Poser files. Being that the SubDragon works perfectly in Poser, I've included Poser(pz2,hz2,fz2) files for most of the same animations that I include in DazStudio. Those that love their AniBlocks should be very happy to see that their Dragons now have more options. 

On top of giving the users more file formats, I've also made some corrections with some of the wing movements. IMHO, the wings on the SubDragon are a bit too restrictive, and doing any kind of realist animations outside it normal bounds gets messy. So, I tried to stay within the bounds with these corrections, with there being on 1 real exception. In both DazStudio and Poser, you will need to loosen or turn off the up down limits on the right and left WingShldr bone for the flying animations to look as intended.

Everyone that purchased the Mill SubDragon Animation Max Set should have gotten an email to their download links. Those links have been reset so that all past purchasers can download the new version. Your original download links should also work for the next month or so.

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Written by Robert Lopp — May 06, 2013

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