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Oh boy!!!! I'm very excited to have our Marketplace up and running. Recently, I've been jumping around from character to character making different animations for all of them. Now that the site is up, I can start collecting many of those into packages for this site. I guess it would be good for me to tell ya what character animations you might be seeing on the site soon. Hopefully, I'll have Millennium Horse, Lion, Cat and Dog animations. As soon as I have time to put some packages together, they'll be up on the site. Also, these might be smaller packages to start with, but if I put out a larger package, I'll allow customers to just pay the difference to get the larger package. I like to have different priced packages anyways. This way there will be something for everyone's price range.

Thanks again for coming by the site and reading my little blog. More to come soon!!!


Written by Shopify — July 07, 2012


Guy Donohue:

I need custom aniblocks for an rabbit character

need the rabbit to walk forward walk left and right walk back sit eat rabbit face shock wide open eyes

April 21 2014 at 07:04 AM


I sent a new note card, please read and reply asap!

February 05 2021 at 04:02 AM

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